Past Reunions

Below is a list of past Stevick reunions. Check back periodically; I will add to the list as more information becomes available. Links have been provided to on-line sources, as applicable. Click here to see a list of publications cited.

Richland Co., Ohio Reunions

?18981898 Stevick Reunion

Van Wert Co., OH Reunions

119/4/1932Van Wert County Fairgrounds106VWDB, 9/5/1932, p. 3Elections: E.C. Stevick of Cloverdale, Pres.; Gary Stevick of Kendallville, IN, Secretary
121933Van Wert County FairgroundsVWDB, 9/5/1932, p. 3
16?9/4/1937Van Wert County Fairgrounds78LN, 9/8/1937, p. 101937 reunion attendees

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