The answers to most of the following can be found on the Internet or in HOLLOPETER-L archives. By "Hollopeter," I mean those who have carried the Hollopeter surname (and variants), either by birth or by marriage at some point. Enjoy!

What Hollopeter is listed on the Vietnam Memorial ("The Wall")? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter wrote Promises: An Amish Love Story? ANSWER

Where is Hollopeter Road? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter is a self-described cowboy poet? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter is mentioned in Helter Skelter, the true crime story of the Manson murders? ANSWER

Name the authors of The Hollopeter Family Record. ANSWER

Which Hollopeter was a white lieutenant of a colored Union infantry unit during the Civil War? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter died in Meuse-Argonne, France during WWI? ANSWER

Where is the last resting place of Mathias Hollopeter, founder of the Hollopeter family in the U.S.? ANSWER

What is the URL for The Hollopeter Family Record on-line? ANSWER

What 14-year-old Hollopeter sang the National Anthem at the Mets/Diamondbacks game in Shae Stadium on 5/21/2000? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter is buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

HOLLOPETER is the Xth most popular surname according to the 1990 U.S. Census. ANSWER

Where is there reportedly a Hollopeter ghost? ANSWER

Which Hollopeter marriage was mentioned by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show? ANSWER

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