HOLLOPETERs Serve Their Country

This page is dedicated to those Hollopeters, past and present, who have served their country in the armed services.

Any living individuals listed below are included with their knowledge and express permission and have provided me with their own service information.

If I have missed anyone you feel should be included, please e-mail me at the address below.

Civil War

IndividualRankSideUnitOther Info.
Andrew J. HollepeterPvt.Union8th Reg. Ohio CavalryCWSSS
Wilson Hollepeter
Abel L. Hollopeter Pvt.UnionCo. E, 11th Reg. Indiana InfantryCWSSS
Abraham HollopeterPvt.Union13th Iowa Inf., Co. KCWSSS
Andrew J. HollopeterPvt.UnionCo. K, 44th Indiana Inf. Reg.CWSSS
Benjamin Hollopeter
Pvt. [Corp.?]UnionG So. [C. Co.?], 110th Ohio Inf. Reg.CWSSS
David HollopeterUnion61st Reg., Ohio Inf.CWSSS
David HollopeterUnion11th Reg., Veteran Reserve Corps.CWSSS
David F. HollopeterUnion101st Reg., Ohio Inf.CWSSS
Enoch Hollopeter
Union55th Reg., Indiana Inf.
Ephraim M. Hollopeter
Lt.Union11th Reg. Inf.; 46th Reg. U.S. Colored InfantryCWSSS
Gideon W. HollopeterUnion100th Ohio Inf.CWSSS
Isaac HollopeterUnion94th Reg. Ohio Inf.CWSSS
Israel HollopeterUnion11th Indiana Inf.
Israel HollopeterUnionVarner's Battalion, U.S. Vol. Inf.CWSSS
James F. HollopeterUnion152nd Reg., Indiana Inf.CWSSS
James F. HollopeterCpl.UnionCo. E, 88th Indiana Reg. VolunteerCombat wounded; CWSSS
Jehu Hollopeter2nd Lt.UnionH Co., 49th Ohio Inf. Reg. Signal Corps.; also Co. E., Co. KCWSSS
John E. HollopeterUnion17th Reg. Ohio Inf.CWSSS
John T. Hollopeter
(ca. 1839-1940)
UnionCo. C, 105th PA Vol., the "Wildcat Regiment"Fought at Gettysburg
Joseph HollopeterSgt.UnionH Co., 34th Pennsylvania Inf. Reg.CWSSS
Mathias HollopeterUnion152nd Indiana Reg. Inf.CWSSS
William C. Hollopeter
Capt.Union98th Indiana Vol. Inf.CWSSS
William H. Hollopeter
UnionCo. K, 93rd Ohio Inf.
William W. HollopeterUnion88th Reg. Indiana Inf.CWSSS
William W. HollopeterUnionCo. F, 69th Indiana Inf.

Spanish American War

IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Oscar Hallopeter1st Montana Inf.Norwalk, OHParticipated in Battle of Manila, 1899
Alfred M. Hollopeter
ININ Sp. Am. War Roster
Clayton E. Hollopeter
Sgt.6th Reg., Co. D, Vol. Inf.OH
Herbert S. Hollopeter
ININ Sp. Am. War Roster
John HollopeterININ Sp. Am. War Roster

World War I

IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Charles C. Hollopeter
Cpl.Co. L, 128th Inf.Biography
Mark M. Hollopeter
d. of influenza, Camp Greenleaf, GA
Royden A. Hollopeter
Samuel L. Hollopeter
Capt. Co. B, 311th Engineers INBiography
Vincent M. Hollopeter
1st Lt.INBiography

World War II

IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Avon D. Hollopeter
(ca. 1906-1944/46)
Pvt.ArmyIADied while a POW in Germany
National WWII Memorial and Registry
Blaine M. Hollopeter
PFCArmy103rd Div., 411th Reg.;
7th Army
PAKIA, Sessenheim, France
National WWII Memorial and Registry
Earl W. Hollopeter
SSgt.Army Air Force446th Bomb Group, 8th AF, EuropeINRecalled for service in Korea for 45 combat missions and hundreds of hours of cargo and personnel missions. Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster.
Edward A. Hollopeter
QM3Navy USS Noble, USS Polk County (1954)ORUSS Polk County
Also served in Korea
Everett O. Hollopeter
ArmyINNational WWII Memorial and Registry
Frank E. Hollopeter
T5Army163rd Field Art. Bn., 38th Div.INKilled in action, Manila, Philippines;
awarded Purple Heart
National WWII Memorial and Registry
Frank R. Hollopeter
T/Sgt.Army Air Force486th Bomb Group, 8th AF, EuropeINBecame one of the 12 engineers who opened NASA at Houston and retired from there. Promoted to Lt. Col. many years later while in the Reserves.
John F. Hollopeter
(d. 1944)
SSgt.Army Air Force344th Bomber Squadron, 98th Bomber Group, Heavy ORKilled in action, Florence, Italy. Awarded Purple Heart, Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, other army medals
National WWII Memorial and Registry
Lambert Hollopeter
Malcolm E. "Mac" Hollopeter
Robert W. Hollopeter
Wayne W. Hollopeter
Capt.Army Air Force390th Bomb group, 8th AF, EuropeINAfter 55 missions as Navigator, stayed on active duty and was killed on landing after an around-the-world "show of force." Promoted to Lt. Col. in 1961.
Vivian L. (née Wetzel) Hollopeter
U.S. NavyIN


IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Robert D. Hollopeter (living)Cpl.ArmyPA


IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Billy W. Hollopeter
Lt. Col.Air ForceDistinguished Flying Cross
Raymond R. "Rick" Hollopeter
SP4/E4 ArmyKilled in action; Virtual Wall
Thomas A. (Hollopeter) Crouse

Persian Gulf War

IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.

War in Iraq

IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Chad R. HollopeterSgt.Army Nat'l Guard181st BSB, 16th Sustainment BrigadeWAChaplain Assistant
Geoffry M. HollopeterLt.U.S. Marine Corps1st Bn 3d Marines
Josiah W. Hollopeter
Spc.U.S. Army8th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Div., Fort Hood, TXNEDied 6/14/2007 in Iraq from injuries rec'd from enemy fire
Tyler J. Hollopeter1st Lt.NE


IndividualRankBranchUnitHome State Other Info.
Carl R. HollopeterSMSgtAir Force (1963-1991)MSM/1OLCPA
Jackie E. Hollopeter
T/Sgt.Air Force
Joseph I. Hollopeter
T/Sgt. U.S. Army Air Corps
Ralph M. Hollopeter
Virginia M. Hollopeter
William D. Hollopeter

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