Bibliography: Books by and/or about Hollopeters

Below you will find a bibliography of books by and/or about HOLLOPETERs. If you know of other Hollopeter books, please e-mail me at the e-mail address below. Books marked with an *asterisk* are a part of my personal library.

Books by Hollopeters

*Hollopeter, Kathryn Miller. Strangers in the Earth. Xulon Press, 2005. Available on Amazon.com.

*Hollopeter, Kathryn Miller. Promises: An Amish Love Story. Medina, OH: Shepherd’s Crook Press, 1996. For information regarding the author and purchasing information, click here to visit the web site.

*Hollopeter, W. C. Hay-Fever: Its Prevention and Cure. Funk & Wagnalls, 1916.

*Hollopeter, Willard. So Many Winters, 1993. A collection of cowboy poetry. For ordering information, please contact the author.

Hollopeter, Willard. Lost Trails, 2008. A collection of cowboy poetry and stories. For ordering information, please contact the author.

Books about Hollopeters

*Herbert, Jan. The Hollopeter Brothers and Their Edmonds Wives of Fostoria Ohio.

*Ridenour, Eva and Wanda Burris. The Hollopeter Family Record. Self-published, ca. 1957.

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